Ohaus, Aviator 7000

$512.00 $460.00

AviatorTM 7000 has been conceived to offer optimum quality versus price in order to guarantee the robustness, operating speed and accuracy you need, whatever your retail environment. The Light-Touch layer keyboard is setting standards thanks to its fast operation, easy cleaning and cost efficiency, whilst the large 4-line LCD including separate tare line makes daily tasks simple. For secure and easy transportation the AviatorTM 7000 includes practical design features such as Ergo grips and integrated cable storage. In addition, it offers POS protocol support, external printing enabling accumulation, along with reporting options. This high precision weighing instrument complies with the latest industry standards including 10V/meter OIML regulations. Features like the power adapter with PowerEfficiency Level V and RoHS compliant components also demonstrate our commitment to electronic safety, accuracy, and environmental care. Overall the Aviator 7000 offers you a complete package of features rarely seen on an entry level price-computing scale – ensuring that it stands out from the crowd.



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Weight20 lbs

A71P15DNUS, A71P15DTNUS, W/Tower, A71P30DNUS, A71P30DTNUS, W/Tower


15 lb/30 lb (6 kg/15 kg), 30 lb/60 lb (15 kg/30 kg)


0.005lb/0.01lb (0.002kg/0.005kg), 0.01lb/0.02lb (0.005kg/0.01kg)