Ohaus, FD Series


Speed, Durability, and Cleanliness Designed for Food Service Use.
  • The fully stainless steel FD is NSF Certified and supports HACCP-Certified systems helping to ensure the integrity and safety of the weighing of all food products.
  • With software for general weighing, percent weighing, and checkweighing, the FD can be used for a variety of food weighing needs.
  • The 120-hour internal rechargeable battery will help ensure that your scale is up and running when you need it, even during long shifts.

8.2″ x 8.2″ Platform

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Weight12 lbs

FD3, FD6, FD15, FD3H, FD6H, FD15H


6 lb (3 kg), 15 lb (6 kg), 30 lb / 15 kg


0.0002 lb (0.1 g), 0.001 lb (0.5 g), 0.002 lb (1.0 g), 0.005 lb (2.0 g)