We have the expertise to handle all of your service requirements from routine calibration and repair of all major brands scales and force gauges, to fully integrated computer based scale systems. Our State licensed and factory trained service technician’s use only calibration test weights conforming to NIST standards.

Periodic inspections

  • Check scale and indicator for worn, bent, broken or loose components (tighten as needed)
  • Check cables, power supply for wear, pinched, rubbed, stretched or damaged area
  • Check all keypad functions on indicator
  • Cleaning and wiping the scale
  • Leveling the base or scale
  • Full calibration and updating with new sticker

Repairs and Services

  • Component and board repairs
  • Proper software services for system applications
  • Power source protection
  • System troubleshooting
  • Downloading information to computer or printer (if attached)
  • Properly grounded and sealed

Regular maintenance

Looking after your Scales can prolong its lifespan, provide more consistently accurate results and reduce your parts and labor costs.
We suggest the following measures for ensuring these benefits:

  • Keep your balance clean
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to harsh environments
  • Power off your balance when not in use for prolonged periods
  • Calibrate your balance at regular intervals