When your Scales need to be Calibrated and Certified with our certified weights by National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST and Weights and Measures, your company could be registered with us;

  • Come in only when you call us
  • Automatically come in when the time is up for Inspection and Calibration

Periodic Inspections and Calibration


Advised if you are using the scale every day or selling expensive goods off of it and is requested by most Owners


Advised if you are using the scale every day but not selling expensive goods off of it & is requested by most   Companies


Often recommended by Scale Technicians, & your Company to avoid losing money & confidence with your customers


It is required by the State of Weights and Measures

Our services

We offer two different certificates to accompany your weight calibration services. Depending on your application, you may be required to provide a certain level of certification. Always ensure you are requesting the correct certificate for your use. We can help guide your certificate decision, but ultimately, we request you provide the level of traceability and accuracy needed for your calibration services. Available certificates include:

  • Cerificate with out DATA (stating scales that have been checked and calibrated with our certified weights)
  • Cerificate with DATA (full report with the readings before & after calibration)