Troemner, Economical SS Weight Sets, 1mg-2kg


Economical Stainless Steel Weight Sets – Cylindrical
Weight sets are available in sizes ranging from 500 mg-1 mg through 2000 g-1 mg and are adjusted to ANSI/ASTM E617 Class 7.
Weights are economical, quality weights. Suggested markets for Economical Stainless Steel Weights include, but are not limited to, education markets.

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50-1; 8pcs, 100-1; 9, 200-1; 10pcs, 500-1; 12pcs, 1000-1; 13pcs, 2000-1; 14pcs, 500-1mg; 12pcs, 50-1; 20pcs, 100-1; 21pcs, 200-1; 22pcs, 500-1; 24pcs, 1000-1; 25pcs, 2000-1; 26pcs, 100-1T; 9, 200-1T; 10pcs, 500-1T; 12pcs, 1000-1T; 13pcs, 2000-1T; 14pcs, 500-1mgT; 12pcs, 50-1T; 20pcs, 100-1T; 21pcs, 200-1T; 22pcs, 500-1T; 24pcs, 1000-1T; 25pcs, 2000-1T; 26pcs


100g, 50g, 500g, 1000g, 200g, 2000g, 500mg


1g, 1mg