Rice Lake SURVIVOR® OTR-LP Low-Profile Steel Deck Truck Scale

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  • Top access to load cells and junction box
  • 75,000 lb capacity load cells and G-Force™ mount assemblies
  • Junction box(es) appropriate for number of load cells utilized
  • NTEP Certified 02-003
  • 90,000 lb Concentrated Load Capacity (CLC)
  • 90,000 lb Dual Tandem Axle (DTA)
  • Up to 200,000 lb full scale capacity
  • Two standard widths: 10 ft and 11 ft


The OTR-LP was designed as a steel deck replacement scale solution with a low profile and easy installation in pre-existing foundations used for non-Rice Lake truck scales. The OTR-LP features a 5/16- or 3/8-inch diamond plate deck and a rugged I-beam construction. Eight-inch, wide-flange beams minimize deflection and prolong the life of the weighbridge. Widths are available in 10 or 11 feet, and the profile ranges from 11 to 16 inches with a three-to-eight inch cleanout.