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Rice Lake, Class 0,1,2,3,4, Metric, Individual Weights, 1mg-25kg


  • Stainless steel polished finish
  • Designed to meet ASTM E617-13 specifications
  • ASTM Class 0 weight sets and individual weights are not individually marked with their weight value or individually serialized per ASTM E617-13
  • Nominal value marked on weights
  • Serial numbers applied to case (weights may be marked with symbol)
  • Density 7.95 g/cm3
Precision Laboratory Metric Individual Weights, Class 0 – ASTM Precision Laboratory Metric Individual Weights, Class 1-3 – ASTM Precision Laboratory Metric Individual Weights, Class 4 – ASTM Precision Laboratory Metric Kits and Individual – ASTM
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  • Calibrating Class I and II balances
  • ASTM Class 4, 5 and 6 weights
  • Student laboratory use
  • Rough weighing operations
  • Tolerance testing
  • Verification checks

Product Configuration:

  • Individual weight kits: weight, case or vial and glove
  • Weight set: weights, case and handling equipment

Custom Configuration:

  • Custom sets are available as build to order to meet your specific requirements
  • ASTM weight sets larger than 500 g or 1 lb include a hardwood case with velvet-lined pockets
  • Weight sets with the largest weight of 500 g include a precision-machined polyvinyl, crush resistant case

Additional information

Weight58 lbs

Milligram Class 3, Cylindrical Class 0, Milligram Class 0, Milligram Class 2, Screw Knob Class 3, Milligram Class 1, Milligram Class 4, Screw Knob Class 1, Screw Knob Class 2, Screw Knob Class 4


3g, 100mg, 3mg, 3kg, 50g, 200mg, 20g, 1g, 200g, 10kg, 500g, 20mg, 1mg, 20kg, 100g, 5kg, 50mg, 5mg, 500mg, 2kg, 10mg, 30mg, 2g, 10g, 5g, 1kg, 2mg, 300mg, 25kg, 300g, 30g


Cylindrical, Screw Knob, Leaf