Optima OPD-A High Precision Balance


Magnetic force restoration sensor for high precision and lightning fast updates. Large and wide-angle backlight liquid crystal display (LCD). Splash-proof keyboard and display. Anti-static stainless steel weighing pan. Automatic zero-tracking. Full range tare. Automatic self-calibration or calibration with reference weights. Underhook for density measurement and weighing magnetic material. Optional RS-232 for bi-directional communication with a PC or for the printer. Check weighing, parts counting and percent weighing. Multiple weighing units: G, Ct, lb, Oz, Ozt Dwt.


Available Options:

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Weight10 lbs

No Windshield, With Windshield


OPD-A1002, OPD-A2002, OPD-A3002, OPD-A4002, OPD-A5002, OPD-A103, OPD-A203, OPD-A303, OPD-A403, OPD-A503


120 g, 210 g, 310 g, 410 g, 510 g, 1200 g, 2100 g, 3100 g, 4100 g, 5100 g


0.001 g, 0.01 g