Ohaus, MB120

$6,468.00 $5,425.00

  • Applications
    • Percent Moisture Determination, Percent Moisture Regain Determination, Percent Solid Determination, Weighing
  • Display
    • 4.3″ TFT color touchscreen display
  • Operation
    • Power cord (included)
  • Communication
    • RS232 with GLP/GMP data output, USB Host and USB Device (included)
  • Construction
    • Metal base, ABS top housing, halogen heat source, stainless steel pan support, stainless steel panhandler, in-use cover
  • Design Features
    • Seven shut-off criteria (manual, timed, auto-free %/s, auto-free mg/s, A30, A60 and A90), four drying profiles (standard, fast, ramp and step), storage up to 100 methods and 1000 test results for all methods, user guide, 40°C to 230°C heating temperature range (1°C increments), 13 operational languages

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Weight15 lbs