Mark-10 Square Drive Torque Sensors Series R55


Rugged all metal construction. Converts any wrench to a torque tool. May be used as torque tool or as a component of a torque testing system. Accuracy: 0.6% of full scale NIST traceable calibration certificate included.

This rugged series of torque sensors is ideal for a wide range of torque testing applications in numerous industries. Square drives on both ends permit inline use with a torque wrench, or for use in OEM and other applications. Ranges available up to 5,000 lbFin (550 Nm).

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Weight5 lbs

Sensor, Accessorie


MR55-400, MR55-100, MR55-20, MR55-200, MR55-50, AC 1010 Mounting kit 200/400 3.00, MR55-1000, MR55-5000


50 lbFin, 100 lbFin, 5000 lbFin, 400 lbFin, 1000 lbFin, -, 200 lbFin, 20 lbFin


0.2lbin, 0.5lbin, 0.02lbin, -, 0.05lbin, 5lbin, 0.1lbin