Mark-10 Manual Test Stand, Model ES30


Hand wheel operated test stand that is upgradeable to a motorized stand. Modular design, base may be removed and the stand may be used as a component of a larger system. Field upgradable to a motorized stand (ESM) by installing a motor drive kit. 6″W x 10″D x 23″H

The ES30 Force Measurement Test Stand is a versatile and economical solution for most compression and tensile testing applications. It can accept a wide variety of sample shapes and sizes and can be configured in many positions due to modular design. Precision hand wheel operation enables the user to easily and accurately test up to 200 lbF [1 kN] of force. Use the ES30 with any Mark-10 force gauge and grips to create a complete testing solution.

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Weight18 lbs

ESM001 Digital travel display, ES30


200 lb (90.00 kg), –


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