CAS Road Weigher Platform & Indicator Model RW-S/L
CAS Road Weigher Platform & Indicator Model RW-S/L
Wheel weigher scale made of rugged cast aluminum. Display is built in 1" LCD w/back light. Used for car, truck and custom applications. Can be used for any mobile weigh inspection. Scales are linkable for multi-axle weighing. Up to 6 scales can be linked together. 1% accuracy. Single and double width platforms are available. Each scale will display the individual weight and total weight by pressing the LOCAL/TOTAL button. Battery operated using (12) AA rechargeable or dry cell batteries. 20 hours continuous use before recharging. Rechargeable batteries are included. Also includes a 120 VAC to 12 VDC charger. Overall size for RWS models 21.1L x 18"W x 2.4"H. Overall size for RWL models 22.3"L x 28.3"W x 2.4"H. NTEP 03-047, III, 500 div.
WeightSale Price
12.2"W x 13.4" Platform
RW-5S10,000 x 5lb66$1,695.00
RW-05S NTEP10,000 x 50lb66$1,695.00
RW-10S20,000 x 10lb66$1,695.00
RW-10S NTEP20,000 x 50lb66$1,695.00
24.6"W x 13.4" Platform
RW-5L10,000 x 5lb102$2,195.00
RW-05L NTEP10,000 x 50lb102$2,195.00
RW-10L20,000 x 10lb102$2,195.00
RW-10L NTEP20,000 x 50lb102$2,195.00
2 scale totalizer cable RW-S/L series7$95.00
4 scale totalizer cable RW-S/L series14$285.00
6 scale totalizer cable RW-S/L series21$475.00
Cable to remote printer1$104.50
DEP-50 printer5$299.00
Service Parts
Instruction Manual for RW-S/L series1$17.20
Charger adapter 120VAC to 12VDC3$85.70
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