Acculab Topload ALC
Acculab Topload ALC
The ALC series from Acculab offers excellent performance for even the most demanding users. They meet all the requirements for efficient workflow and accurate results required in many of today's demanding laboratory applications. All ALC models are made with state-of-the-art technology to provide accuracy, repeatability and outstanding performance at remarkably affordable prices. Features: Advanced microprocessor for accurate weighing results, digital filtering and fast stabilization, Large LCD display, Stainless steel weighing platform, RS-232 bi-directional interface for connection to computer or printer, Four selectable application programs, 20 different weighing modes, Simple "one button" external calibration .
WeightSale Price
3.95" dia Pan
ALC-150.3 (round glass draftshield included)150g x 1mg6$920.00
ALC-320.3 (round glass draft shiel included)320g x 1mg7$1,110.00
4.6" dia Pan
ALC-810.2810g x 0.01g5$865.00
2.9" dia Pan
ALC-1100.21,100g x 0.01g5$920.00
ALC-2100.22,100g x 0.01g5$1,000.00
ALC-3100.23,100g x 0.01g6$1,100.00
ALC-2100.12,100g x 0.1g5$700.00
ALC-4100.14,100g x 0.1g5$750.00
ALC-6100.16,100g x 0.1g5$810.00
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