AND, Price Computing Scale Model SG
AND, Price Computing Scale Model SG
The SG Series price computing scales provide memory for up to 12 items and an easy to read wide-angle display. These durable scales include splashproof consoles and shock and overload protection. Table type, price computing scale. Splashproof keyboard & display. Fast, accurate, legal for trade. Large wide angle display for Weight, Unit Price and Total Price. Liquid Crystal LCD display for B model. Three displays are on the operators side of the scales well as three displays on the customers side. Keypad 0-9 for entering prices. Function keys for ZERO, TARE, M+, X, MEM, *, MODE, CE and CHANGE. Memory for 12 items. Optional stainless steel pan. Optional RS-232C interface for printer and PC connection.
WeightSale Price
SG-6KA15lb x 0.005lb10$455.00
SG-15KA30lb x 0.01lb10$455.00
SG-30KA60lb x 0.02lb10$455.00
SG-03 RS232 interface for SG1$99.70
SG-11 Stainless steel weigh pan for SG4$29.10
TB:163 AC adapter 120VAC2$59.60
TB:164 AC adapter 230VAC2$70.00
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