MSI-7300 Dyna-Link 2
MSI-7300 Dyna-Link 2
MSI-7300 Dyna-Link 2 Tension dynamometer with five-digit 1.22 in. (31 mm) LCD display, Two each "C" alkaline batteries for capacities up to 10,000 lb (5,000 kg), Two each "D" batteries for capacities 25,000 lb (12,500 kg) and above. Options; Pair of Crosby® shackles, Transport case, RS-232 serial cable, RF modem for connectivity with MSI-8000 RF remote display, MSI-8000 RF remote display RF 2.4 GHz - 802.15.4, operating range 100 ft (30 M) typical, Higher capacity designs available upon request.
WeightSale Price
MSI-73001000 lb x 0.5 lb10$1,255.00
MSI-73002500 lb x 1 lb10$1,275.00
MSI-73005000 lb x 2 lb10$1,295.00
MSI-730010.000 lb x 5 lb12$1,345.00
MSI-730025.000 lb x 10 lb20$1,795.00
MSI-730050.000 lb x 20 lb30$2,335.00
MSI-7300100.000 lb x 50 lb65$2,995.00
Transport case50$325.00
Shackle Anchor 3.25 ton5$40.00
Shackle Anchor 6.5 ton10$79.00
Shackle Anchor 17 ton40$295.00
Shackle Anchor 25 ton65$495.00
Shackle Anchor 55 ton110$1,195.00
Cable Assy Heavy Duty2$115.00
Cable Assy, Serial I/O DCE D9 Sockets 80002$90.00
MSI-8000 RF Remote Disp.10$1,025.00
MSI-8000 Battery Charger 115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz.5$995.00
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