Torque Sensor, Tool Calibration Model STC
Torque Sensor, Tool Calibration Model STC
Calibrate torque tools with this torque measurement sensor, or use it as a component of a torque testing system. Tapped holes on every surface allow for easy mounting to a work bench, or fixture within a testing system. Capacities available from 10 ozin to 100 lbin.
WeightSale Price
STC1OZ10 x 0.01ozin1$850.00
STC2OZ20 x 0.02ozin1$850.00
STC5OZ50 x 0.05ozin1$850.00
STC1212 x 0.01lbin1$800.00
STC5050 x 0.05lbin1$800.00
STC100100 x 0.1lbin1$800.00
AC 1006 Table top mount kit1$50.00
AC 1014 Jacobs chuck 3/8"1$150.00
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