AND Topload FX-iWP
AND Topload FX-iWP
Compact. Miniaturized Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS). B5 size footprint. Response indicator function. ACAI-Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement. Comparator function. Vacuum fluorescent display. Weighing units: g, pcs, %, oz, ozt, ct, mom, dwt, GN, tl, mes, MLT. Percent mode function. Animal weighing function. Shock absorber function. Statistical Calculation Function. Auto power on/off function. GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO compliant. Built in rechargeable battery. AC Adapter. 5 year warranty. 193 W x 262.5 D x 84.5 Hmm
WeightSale Price
130 x 130mm Pan
FX-120iWP122 x 0.01g6$1,310.00
FX-200iWP220 x 0.001g6$1,360.00
FX-300iWP320 x 0.001g8$1,465.00
150 x 150mm Pan
FX-1200iWP1,220 x 0.01g6$1,310.00
FX-2000iWP2,200 x 0.01g6$1,360.00
FX-3000iWP3,200 x 0.01g6$1,465.00
FXi-02USB interface w/cable2$79.00
FXi-08Ethernet W/WinCT software3$449.00
FXi-09Built in rechargeable battery8$299.00
FXi-10Breeze break small 3/45$69.00
FXi-11Breeze break large 7.96$119.00
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