AND Scale FCi
AND Scale FCi
High resolution: FCi has 1/5,000,000 internal and 1/20,000 display. FC-i has, 1/1,000,000 internal and 1/10,000 display. Four bright easy to read fluorescent displays for weight, average piece weight, piece count, item code, tare weight and accumulator. 500 memories (with 6 digit ID) for unit weights, tare weights, alphanumeric names/codes (12 digits), accumulators & comparator limits. Optional NiMH Battery packs runs for up to 10 hours between charges. 120VAC, 12.5W x 17"D x 3.66"H. Features: 1/1 million internal resolution for FC-i models, Standard RS-232C (2nd & 3rd optional), 500 sets memory with alphanumeric product names/codes, 4-line display for easy operator viewing, Rechargeable battery option, Remote Scale Option, 2 Year Warranty.
WeightSale Price
5" x 5" Pan
FC-500Si1 x 0.00005lb19$1,465.00
6.5" x 6.5" Pan
FC-5000Si10 x 0.0005lb19$1,465.00
6" x 8" Pan
FC-500i1 x 0.0001lb19$1,150.00
FC-1000i2 x 0.0002lb19$1,150.00
11" x 11.8" Pan
FC-2000i5 x 0.0005lb19$1,150.00
FC-5000i10 x 0.001lb19$1,150.00
FC-10Ki20 x 0.002lb19$1,150.00
FC-20Ki50 x 0.005lb19$1,150.00
FC-50Ki100 x 0.01lb19$1,150.00
FC-02i Rechargeable NiMH battery pack for FCi5$355.00
FC-03i Second & thurd RS232 for FCi1$261.00
FC-04i RS232/Comparator/Relays/Buzzer for FCI*1$307.00
FC-05i Remote scale connection for FCi1$127.00
CC:110 Carrying & storage case for FCi5$125.00
Service Parts
TB:136 Adapter 120VAC2$55.70
TB:137 Adapter 220VAC1$70.00
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