AND Analytical GR Gemini
AND Analytical GR Gemini
High performance up to 0.01mg Semi-Micro weighing Automatic self calibration and ergonomic design. Weighing modes: gram, milligram, decimal ounce(av), troy ounce, pennyweight, carat, momme, grain, tola, tael, percentage & counting. Allows GLP or LIMS balance management by outputting the ID number and weight used to calibrate the balance, to A&Dā€™s AD-8121 printer or computer, indicating date time, balance ID number and calibration weight. 120 VAC 50/60 Hz, 9.8ā€ x 12.99ā€ x 12.87ā€H
WeightSale Price
85mm dia Pan
GR-120120g x 0.1mg14$2,575.00
GR-200210g x 0.1mg14$2,975.00
GR-202210g x 0.1mg 42g x 0.01mg17$4,075.00
GR-300310g x 0.1mg14$3,575.00
AD-100-2 Anti-theft Device1$77.10
AD-1653 Density Determination kit1$425.00
AD-1682 Rechargeable Battery Pack5$465.00
AD-8920 Universal Remote Display3$250.00
AD-8922 Remote Controller1$550.00
AD-1683 Static Eliminator4$1,095.00
SW:128 Foot Switch1$93.65
Service Parts
TB:110 AC Adapter (120V)1$55.70
TB:123 AC Adapter (220V)1$70.00
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