Intercomp Wheel Load Scale Model PT300DW
Intercomp Wheel Load Scale Model PT300DW
The PT300DW™ scale is designed to maximize legal payloads with concern for violations and reduction of maintenance due to overload stress on equipment. Weighing a mere 49 lb/22kg, this sturdy, all aluminum, fully electronic, self-contained wheel load scale is capable of weighing loads up to 20,000 lbs and more, with an accuracy of ±1%. The scale is fully battery operated and only requires infrequent recharging that can be accomplished by any 12, 110, or 220 volt power source.A charger adaptor is provided. The display area can be lighted for night use by merely touching the "LAMP" switch. This scale is certified as a NTEP class IIII weighing device. Data Interface: 20 mA current loop. Batteries: Operates on 6 D1.2 volt ni-cads (standard), or alkalines, Battery Life approx. 1 year. (1500 charge/discharge cycles). Battery duration between charges: Approximately 8 hours of continuous use before the scale shuts itself off.
WeightSale Price
14" x 22" Platform
PT300DW-10020,000 x 100lb60$2,095.00
PT300DW-5020,000 x 50lb60$2,095.00
PT300DW-2020,000 x 20lb60$2,095.00
PT300DW-1020,000 x 10lb60$2,245.00
PT300DW-510,000 x 5lb60$2,245.00
PT300DW-555,000 x 5lb60$2,095.00
PT300DW-30K30,000 x 50lb60$3,095.00
PT300DW-40K40,000 x 100lb60$3,595.00
100540 PT-20 CPU/PT300*20$4,995.00
100050 2 scale carrying case for PT300DW40$870.00
100051 4 Scale carrying case for PT300DW60$1,280.00
1000526 Scale carrying case for PT300DW90$1,650.00
100488 Totalizer cable for 2 scales (15")1$170.00
100489 Totalizer cable 4 scales (15', 25', 15')1$340.00
100490 Totalizer cable for 6 scales (15', 25', 15', 25', 15')1$510.00
100537 Cable to remote printer or display1$85.00
100526 Additional cable for totalizer, printer or display**1$1.50
Service Parts
000081 Main board for PT3002$680.00
000091 Summing board for PT3001$130.00
250327 Keypad for PT300, specify capacity & resolution1$166.00
000210 Load cell, gray cable12$576.00
000196-T Load cell, blue cable12$576.00
260013 Transformer 120VAC to 10VDC w/o cable1$84.00
260015 Transformer 240VAC to 50 Hz to 10VDC w/o cable2$94.00
100480 Charger & cable (1) scale2$160.00
100492 Charger & cable (2) scales2$254.00
100493 Charger & cable (4) scales2$424.00
100494 Charger & cable (6) scales2$594.00
330010 battery pack w/(6) AA NiCad batteries1$55.00
Instruction manual for PT300/PT300DW1$29.00
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