HC Hydroscale Scale
HC Hydroscale Scale
No power required with hydraulic operation. Safety factor is 4.5 times rated capacity. Tare adjustment is 20% of capacity. Easy to read 12" diameter has tempered safety glass for maximum impact resistance. Has an eye nut on top and a swivel hook at the bottom. Optional angle face will make it easier to read the weight when the scale is positioned higher than normal. Optional storage stand will keep the crane scale safe when not in use. Available in 12", 24", 30" Vertical Face, Optional Angle Face (for high level reading), Batching (Reverse Reading - 12" Vertical Face), Capacities from 500 to 100,000 lbs.
WeightSale Price
HC020025500 x 1 lb36$4,493.00
HC0200501.000 x 1 lb36$4,493.00
HC0201002.000 x 5 lb36$4,493.00
HC0201503.000 x 5 lb36$4,493.00
HC0202004.000 x 10 lb36$4,493.00
HCS-2 scale storage stand150$762.00
Angle face for overhead reading3$437.00
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