Ohaus Balance Model Navigator & Navigator XL
Ohaus Balance Model Navigator & Navigator XL
Two touchless sensors which free up your hands for handling samples and minimizing wear and tear on the keypad. 6 digit, 7 segment with white LED backlight or red LED. 4 mechanical keys, raised with tactile feedback. Weighing units for: gram, kilogram, pound, ounce (decimal or fractional), pound (decimal or fractional), ounce troy, grain, newton, carat, pennyweight, Hong Kong tael, Taiwan teal, Singapore teal, tical, tola. User selectable external span or linearity calibration, digital with external weight. 12VDC AC adapter included or (4) AA batteries (not included). 8.03”W x 8.34”D x 5.27”H.
WeightSale Price
4.42" dia Pan, with touchless sensors
NV212210g x 0.01g5$455.00
7.48" x 5.43" Pan Size, with touchless sensors
NV511510g x 0.1g5$395.00
NV11011,100g x 0.1g5$425.00
NV21012,100g x 0.1g5$455.00
NV41014,100g x 0.2g5$455.00
With Internal rechargeable sealed lead acid battery & touchless sensors
NVL511/1510g x 0.1g7$435.00
NVL1101/11100g x 0.1g7$475.00
NVL2101/12100g x 0.1g7$515.00
NVL5101/15,100g x 0.5g7$495.00
NVL10000/110,000g x 1 g7$555.00
NVL20000/120,000g x 1g7$555.00
No sensors
NV51015,100g x 0.5g5$455.00
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