CAS Caston II Scale
CAS Caston II Scale
Crane scale with wireless remote control. Large bright red LED display 1.2" high. Auto span calibration. (2) Ni-Cad rechargeable battery packs and recharger are included. One pack is in the scale and the other is a spare that should be kept fully charged. Typical 72 hours between recharge. Low battery indication. Tare up to 100%. Zero up to 2%. Functions on both scale housing and remote control for ON, OFF , ZERO, TARE. Full tare subtraction. Features: Wireless Remote Control, 1.2" LED Display, Auto Span Calibration, Rechargeable Battery, Hold Function, (Automatic Manual), Function Key: On/Off, Zero, Tare, Hold, Full Tare Subtraction, Battery Type (72 hours), Low Battery Indication.
WeightSale Price
Caston II-1000 13.8"H1,000lb x 0.5lb49$1,425.00
Caston II-2000 13.8"H2,000lb x 1lb50$1,425.00
Caston II-5000 16.9"H5,000lb x 2lb62$1,425.00
Caston II-10000 16.9"H10,000lb x 5lb72$1,595.00
Service Parts
6794-A00-0050 battery, 6 volt, VT6074$73.40
ZC26 battery charger3$280.00
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