Totalcomp Heavy Duty NTEP Floor Scale, from 30
Totalcomp Heavy Duty NTEP Floor Scale, from 30"- 48"
Rugged, heavy duty checkered safety tread deck with powder coat finish. Load cells are 3 mv/v, 350 ohm single ended shear beams CC-10-058 or certified equivalent. Swivel feet, side access stainless steel summing boxes and 20ft 4 cond cable to indicator. NTEP 10-081 III 10,000 div.
WeightSale Price
Platform Base 30"x 30"
LP7620-3030-1K*1000 lb140$520.00
LP7620-3030-2.5K2000 lb140$520.00
Platform Base 36"x 36"
LP7620-3636-1K*1000 lb140$540.00
LP7620-3636-2.5K2000 lb140$540.00
LP7620-3636-5K5000 lb140$540.00
Platform Base 48"x 48"
LP7620-44-5K5000 lb220$685.00
LP7620-44-10K10,000 lb220$685.00
Platform Base 60"x 60"
LP7620-55-10K10,000 lb350$785.00
Stainless Steel 36"x 36"
LP7620-36-10K-SS10,000 lb140$1,695.00
Stainless Steel 48"x 48"
LP7620-44-5K-SS5000 lb200$2,140.00
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