Doran Indicator 7000XLM, 8000XLM
Doran Indicator 7000XLM, 8000XLM
The Doran 7000XLM & 8000XLM Weight Indicator displays weight in lb, kg, oz, g or lb & oz. Front panel keys: ZERO, PRINT, UNITS. Shockproof base with Quad Spring design that protects against shock and overload damage. 120 VAC, 60 Hz.Indicator 6" x 10" x 3" D. Features: For field retrofit or new installations this versatile digital weight indicator is easy to calibrate and set up with any load cell base, The 7000XLM features a super tough "Guardian" touch panel, The 7000XLM digital weight indicator can be mounted on a table, wall, or even, Under a shelf using the versatile U-bracket mount, Displays in lb, kg, oz, or lb&oz. Bright red LED displays, Washdown safe, All electronic, USDA approved, NTEP certified, 2 Year warranty.
WeightSale Price
7000XLM Indicator10$695.00
8000XLM Indicator10$850.00
Service Parts
SWI0066 Touch Panel for 7000XLM1$180.00
SUB0568 Main Board 7000/7000XL2$395.00
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