Rice Lake, Price Computing Scale, RS-130 & RS-160
Rice Lake, Price Computing Scale, RS-130 & RS-160
The RS-130 and RS-160 retail scales are the ultimate choice for simple price computing applications. Delivering unmatched convenience and accuracy, the RS-130 and RS-160 provide one-button operation with weight displays in either pounds,kilograms or ounces.
Standard Features: Toggle between pounds/kilograms/ounces, Nine PLU keys for direct price lookups, Cash back calculation, Large, stainless steel platter, Easy-to-read backlit displays, In-use cover, Battery charge indicator, Included internal, sealed battery, NTEP-Certified Legal for Trade.
WeightSale Price
RS-13030x0.01lb, 15x0.005kg, 480x0.02oz,15$350.00
RS-16060x0.02lb, 30x0.01kg, 960x0.5oz15$360.00
RS-130, with Pole30x0.01lb, 15x0.005kg, 480x0.02oz,15$365.00
RS-160, with Pole60x0.02lb, 30x0.01kg, 960x0.5oz15$370.00
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