Sartorius Analytical CPA
Sartorius Analytical CPA
Outstandingly easy to clean. Equipped with a monolithic weigh cell that's incredibly precise, exceptionally reliable and durable. Built in, motorized calibration weight: Just touch the CAL key and the balance will automatically perform internal calibration and adjustment. The isoCAL function performs internal calibration and adjustment fully automatically when the ambient temperature changes by a specific value or once a defined time interval has elapsed.
WeightSale Price
3.1" dia Pan
CPA225D100/200g x 0.01/0.1mg23$5,210.00
CPA6464g x 0.1mg22$2,580.00
CPA124S120g x 0.1mg22$3,090.00
CPA224S220g x 0.1mg22$3,940.00
CPA324S320g x 0.1mg22$4,740.00
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