Ohaus, Ranger® Count 3000
Ohaus, Ranger® Count 3000
The multipurpose Ranger Count 3000 has all of the capabilities to produce precise results rapidly for a variety of applications. With weighing, parts counting, check counting, and accumulation functions, Ranger Count 3000 is the ideal scale to meet many industrial counting needs. Portable and equipped with a rechargeable battery, this scale is beneficial in every corner of the factory and is equipped with functions and features that elevate the Ranger Count 3000 to a class of its own.
Accurate weighing and counting performance is assured through Ranger Count 3000’s high resolution, 30 item library function and auto-optimization software that reduces errors.
The 3 backlit LCD displays, including a centrally located count display, along with an easy-to-navigate menu, make Ranger Count 3000 easy to use in multi-step counting operations.
WeightSale Price
RC31P15021.5 kg x 0.05 g15$550.00
RC31P33 kg x 0.1 g15$550.00
RC31P66 kg x 0.2 g15$550.00
RC31P1515 kg x 0.5 g15$550.00
RC31P3030 kg x 1 g15$550.00
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