CAS, Label Printing Scale Model CL5000
CAS, Label Printing Scale Model CL5000
Designed for simplicity. Achieve print speeds up to 100mm/sec and print resolution of 202 dpi for crisp clear labels. VFD, Alphanumeric bright purple display. The CL5000 comes with over 50 preset common label formats stored in memory. Up to 40 more custom label formats can be added using the label editing function of the CL-Works software program. The Double Click Call feature allows the operator to recall PLU’s by double clicking the speed key instead of having to use the shift key. The standard bench model comes with 96 total speed keys. The pole model comes equipped with a total of 144 speed keys. The CL-Works software program allows you to create and edit PLU’s, program store information, design custom labels and unique keyboard layouts. Platform size 15”W x 6”D. Standard dimensions 16”W x 17”D x 6.8”H. Dual range with column 16”W x 17”D x 23.9”H. 240 VAC 50/60Hz
WeightSale Price
CL5000B Dual Range60 x 0.02lb31$1,895.00
CL5000R Dual Range W/Column30 x 0.01lb31$1,995.00
PCL2 Network Card1$195.00
PCL3 Expanded Memory1$200.00
PCL 1 Wireless Card1$290.00
RS232C 9 to 9 Pin1$30.00
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