Sartorius Topload Midrics Level 1 & 2
Sartorius Topload Midrics Level 1 & 2
Rugged construction. 2 display and indicator units. 4 adjustable feet. Level indicator. 10 weighing ranges from 3kg to 3t. Midrics 1 for simple weighing tasks. Midrics 2 with 10 key touch pad and applications programs. Applications include: counting, checkweighing, classification, totalizing, net-total formulation, animal weighing, percent weighing, neutral measurement. 32” x 24” is painted, all others are stainless steel. Indicator is stainless steel and IP65. Stainless steel versions are suited for industrial use in wet environments.
WeightSale Price
Midrics Level 1 Weigh Only
12.6" x 9.4" Pan
MW1P-3DC-L3kg x 0.002kg21$1,240.00
MW1P-6DC-L6kg x 0.005kg21$1,240.00
MW1P-15DC-L15g x 0.01kg21$1,240.00
15.7" x 11.8" Pan
MW1P-30ED-L30kg x 0.002kg30$1,315.00
MW1P-60ED-L60kg x 0.005kg30$1,315.00
19.7" x 15.7" Pan
MW1P-60FE-L60kg x 0.005kg37$1,445.00
MW1P-150FE-L150kg x 0.001kg37$1,445.00
Midrics Level 2 Weight & Keypad
12.6" x 9.4" Pan
MW2P-3DC-L3kg x 0.0002g21$1,295.00
MW2P-6DC-L6kg x 0.0005kg21$1,295.00
MW2P-15DC-L15kg x 0.001kg21$1,295.00
15.7" x 11.8" Pan
MW2P-30ED-L30kg x 0.002kg30$1,335.00
MW2P-60ED-L60kg x 0.005kg30$1,335.00
19.7" x 15.7" Pan
MW2P-60FE-L60kg x 0.01kg37$1,495.00
MW2O-150FE-L150kg x 0.01kg37$1,495.00
YDO01M-232 for all Midrics1$159.00
YDO01M-RS232CLK/clock for Midrics1$266.00
YDH01CWSUS 13" Column SS column4$266.00
YDH02CWSUS 19.7" High SS column5$293.00
YDH03CWSUS 29.5" SS Column7$325.00
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