Hanging Dial Scale Model 820
Hanging Dial Scale Model 820
The 820 and 1030 dial scales are made to strict standards and designed to pass individual state's Weights and Measure inspections. They are sold as approximating scales only. The 820 scale is modern in both in construction and appearance. Designed to withstand hard usage and will continue to perform with accuracy. This scale has an 8" dial and has 3 different scoops. Bronze bearings and springs are made of alloys for precision weighing. Heat treated precision ground pinions assure repeatable and accurate weight readings. Single face or double face for customer to see weight reading. Open face or glass cover to protect pointer. The 1030 scale has a 10"dial. All steel construction makes this scale rugged and accurate. Choice of deep pan and single or double face. Ball bearings make for smooth operation and guarantee long wear and trouble free service.
WeightSale Price
820V w/vegetable scoop, w/o glass20lb x 1/2oz10$127.00
820VG w/vegetable scoop, glass20lb x 1/2oz10$143.00
820VGD w/vegetable scoop, glass, double face20lb x 1/2oz10$177.00
820F w/deep pan, w/o glass20lb x 1/2oz10$148.00
820FG w.deep pan, glass20lb x 1/2oz10$159.00
820FGD w/deep pan, glass, double face20lb x 1/2oz10$194.00
1030V w/vegetable scoop30lb x 1oz15$348.00
1030VD w/vegetable scoop, double face30lb x 1oz15$390.00
1030FS w/deep pan30lb x 1oz15$392.00
1030FSD w/deep pam, double face30lb x 1oz15$445.00
1060V w/vegetable scoop60lb x 1oz15$446.00
1060S w/square pan60lb x 1oz15$478.00
1060FS w/deep pan60lb x 1oz15$415.00
1060FSD w/deep pan, double face60lb x 1oz15$458.00
Service Parts
820H Head only20lb x 1/2oz10$101.00
1030H Head only30lb x 1oz15$315.00
1060H Head only60lb x 1oz15$345.00
820V Vegetable scoop only20lb4$41.00
1030V Vegetable scoop only30lb5$129.00
1060V Vegetable scoop only60lb6$209.00
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