Rice Lake, BenchMark™ LP
Rice Lake, BenchMark™ LP
The BenchMark LP low-profile platform offers an overall height of just two-to-three inches. The more subtle presence of the LP is an attractive option for commercial situations, or other areas in need of a less obtrusive platform. Gain the same accuracy and performance as our standard benchmark models in a more refined and inconspicuous package.
Standard Features; Mild steel base construction, 304 stainless steel cover,
ABS junction box, Four planar beam load cells, Adjustable leveling feet 20 ft of EL147 load cell cable, Holes in lower frame for mounting scale without adjustable leveling feet.
WeightSale Price
Benchmark LP
18"x 18" x 2" to 3"100 lb75$958.00
18"x 18" x 2" to 3"250 lb85$980.00
18"x 18" x 2" to 3"500 lb85$995.00
24"x 24" x 2" to 3"100 lb85$1,147.00
24"x 24" x 2" to 3"250 lb100$1,170.00
24"x 24" x 2" to 3"500 lb100$1,192.00
30"x 30" x 2" to 3"500 lb150$1,370.00
30"x 30" x 2" to 3"1,000lb175$1,417.00
36"x 36" x 2" to 3"500 lb175$1,800.00
36"x 36" x 2" to 3"1,000lb175$1,825.00
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