Ohaus, Standard Floor Scale VN Model
Ohaus, Standard Floor Scale VN Model
High quality construction designed to minimize distortion under heavy loads and ensures years of dependable use. Welded steel rib design and thick 0.196”/5mm top plate design provides structural stiffness. Available with ramps and mounting feet. T31P: Large 1” high digit backlit LCD display with a choice of lb or kg. Counting mode with a minimum Average Piece Weight of 1d. Selectable sample sizes, automatic retention of last sample size used and Average Piece Weight. Counting software can be selected off where Counting Mode is not required. Built in bidirectional RS232C interface for printing or connection to PC. Printing intervals can be set to manual, continuous, on stable weight or an interval between 1 second and 60 minutes. 9VDC, 0.5A AC adapter or internal rechargeable sealed lead acid battery, 100 hour typical operation with full charge. Both included.
WeightSale Price
4' x 4' x 3.5" Size
VN31P5000L5000 x 1lb333$1,644.00
5' x 5' x 3.5" Size
VN31P5000X5000 x 1lb533$1,959.00
8025256548" ramp VN95$394.00
8025256660" ramp VN140$447.00
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