Optima, Precision Electronic Balance
Optima, Precision Electronic Balance
Magnetic force restoration sensor for high precision and lightning fast updates. Large and wide angle backlight liquid crystal display (LCD). Splash proof keyboard and display. Anti-static stainless steel weighing pan. Automatic zero-tracking. Full range tare. Automatic self-calibration or calibration with reference weights. Underhook for density measurement and weighing magnetic material. Optional RS-232 for bi-directional communication with a PC or for the printer. Check weighing, parts counting and percent weighing. Multiple weighing units: G, Ct, lb, Oz, Ozt Dwt.
WeightSale Price
No Windshield
OPD-A10021200g x 0.01g10$530.00
OPD-A20022100g x 0.01g10$595.00
OPD-A30023100g x 0.01g10$640.00
OPD-A40024100g x 0.01g10$695.00
OPD-A50025100g x 0.01g10$750.00
With Windshield
OPD-A103120g x 0.001g15$580.00
OPD-A203210g x 0.001g15$650.00
OPD-A303310g x 0.001g15$695.00
OPD-A403410g x 0.001g15$750.00
OPD-A503510g x 0.001g15$795.00
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