AND Indicator AD-4406
AND Indicator AD-4406
AD-4405, AD-4406 and AD-4407 give three choices of low cost, multi-functional weight indicators to suit your specific environmental & application needs. Large VFD display 13mm backlight cobalt blue. RS-232 standard.1/40,000 display resolution. IP65 enclosure. optional relay outputs or 4-20ma analog output. Features: Compact and portable, Operator selectable F1 & F2 Function Keys, Standard Table mount bracket, AC adapter or Battery operation, Note: **Analog output card comes with it's own AC adapter. When the analog output card is installed, (2) AC adapter will be used, one for the basic indicator and one for the analog output. Part Numbers AD-4406-03, AD4406-05 and AD-4406-07 - Replaces standard RS232.
WeightSale Price
AD-4406 Weighing Indicator6$395.00
AD-4406-03 RS422/485/Relays solid state AC output1$245.00
AD-4406-05 RS232 w/Relays solid state AC output1$199.00
AD-4406-07* Analog output 4-20 ma1$385.00
AD-1681 Rechargeable battery pack2$205.00
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