CAS, Price Computing Scale Model AP1
CAS, Price Computing Scale Model AP1
Preset Prices are retained in memory for 28 items. Each item has its own separate key for easy entry by pressing a single button. Easy to read bright green tower mounted display has three readouts for Total Price. Weight and Unit Price. Keyboard for entry of values. Keys for ON/OFF, ZERO, TARE, MEM, SAVE, MODE, ADD, *, ½, ¼, TTP CALL, TTP CLP. Auto span calibration with auto zero tracking. Number of transactions display. Optional large tray 17.3" x 10" x 2"H for produce. Stainless steel platform size 8.8" x 13.5".
WeightSale Price
AP1-15 Scale15lb x 0.005lb15$450.00
AP1-15 w/produce platter15lb x 0.005lb18$535.00
AP1-60 Scale (Dual range)30lb x 0.01lb 60lb x 0.02lb15$580.00
AP1-60-P w/produce platter (Dual range)30lb x 0.01lb 60lb x 0.02lb18$570.00
KG Version
AP1-15KG Scale15kg x 5g14$505.00
Produce platter for AP16$137.00
Wet cover for AP1 for keyboard3$15.00
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