CLS-920i Cargo Lift Scale
CLS-920i Cargo Lift Scale
Keep your product moving with Rice Lake's CLS Cargo Lift Scale. The CLS mounts directly to any class II or III lift truck, saving material handling processes time and money. The indicator easily installs using either wired and wireless methods.The CLS-920 model comes with the added diagnostic and programmable features of Rice Lake's powerful 920i indicator. Standard Features: NTEP Certified, 5,000 lb, Two 5,000 lb stainless steel load cells, Compatible with Class II forklift, 16 in cleat style carriage, Mechanical overload stops promote scale longevity and accuracy, Panoramic, 6 in x 20-3/4 in view port, Reinforced cover plate protects load cells and junction box from debris, Welded centering pin ensures proper alignment and prevents scale from lateral movement, Two-channel iQUBE®, Cal-Match™ algorithm automatically trims and calibrates scale, Wired Version: Coiled interface cable from scale to indicator. Wireless Version: ZigBee™ connection from scale to indicator, Two lithium-ion smart batteries included, Note: Scale operates using one battery for 24 continuous hours and requires only eight hours to fully charge. External battery charger 920i® Indicator, Stainless steel enclosure, Two-piece mounting assembly with vibration isolators, 4.6 in W x 3.4 in H, back-lit LCD graphical display (320 x 240 pixels), User program with data collection and transaction storage including: pro number, pro open/closed, employee ID, last transaction, time and date, actual weight and number of skids, 1 MB internal memory for transaction records. Diagnostics to indicate excessive drift, A/D failures, connection errors, excitation voltage shifts and more. On/Off toggle switch for forklift battery conservation, Battery hours remaining displayed as bar graph on main screen.
WeightSale Price
CLS-920i Wired Version
28" x 16" Carriage5000 lb525$6,995.00
34" x 16" Carriage5000 lb540$6,995.00
38" x 20" Carriage8000 lb1445$8,195.00
CLS-920i Wireless Version
28" x 16" Carriage5000 lb525$8,250.00
34" x 16" Carriage5000 lb540$8,250.00
38" x 20" Carriage8000 lb1145$9,495.00
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