Portion Control Scale Model PC500
Portion Control Scale Model PC500
Stainless steel. IP66 washdown safe. The PC500 features a soft silicone seal that protects against washdown spray and allows a high level of accuracy. Tackles harsh environments of washdown, food service and industrial applications. 1000% overload “Quad Spring” design. 6 digit, 0.66” high LCD display. Keys for: ON/OFF, Zero, Units. Units are lb, kg, g, oz, or lb:oz. Five way weight display show the same weight in 5 different units. Indicators for motion, low battery, weighing units, and center of zero. 1,000 hour battery life. Battery operated, optional 115V AC adapter with 8’ cable. Bidirectional RS-232. Overall dimensions 12.75”L x 9.75”W x 5.26”H. Platter size 8.5” x 8.5”. NSF Certification National Sanitary Foundation for sanitary food service equipment. NTEP 09-032 Class III 2,000 div
WeightSale Price
(1) Display
PC500-055 x 0.002lb13$395.00
PC500-1010 x 0.005lb13$395.00
PC500-2525 x 0.01lb13$395.00
PC500-5050 x 0.02lb13$395.00
(2) Displays
PC500-C055 x 0.002lb13$450.00
PC500-C1010 x 0.005lb13$450.00
PC500-C2525 x 0.01lb13$450.00
PC500-C5050 x 0.02lb13$450.00
Service Parts
PC50PT01 AC Adapter 115V1$50.00
PC5PT02 AC Adapter 230V1$50.00
PC50PT03 RS-232 Cable w/9 pin female1$50.00
PC50PT04 Washdown safe remote zero (IP68)1$50.00
PC500 Zero switch remote non-washdown1$106.25
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