Optima, NTEP, Drum Scale & Stainless Steel, Sizes 24
Optima, NTEP, Drum Scale & Stainless Steel, Sizes 24" & up
Drum and barrel weighing, warehouse shipping & receiving, container weighing, many other industrial applications. Heavy-duty construction. Large checkered safety plate platform with integral ramps. Live rails for weighing directly or placing a pallet across the rails. Comes in 2 models OP-917-PT (comes with 2 handles and 2 wheels) and OP-917-HD (heavy duty). Bright LED Indicator with rechargeable battery and 15' lead cable. Capacity range: 1,000 lb x 0.2 lb or 2,000 lb x 0.5 lb (OP-917-PT), 5,000 lb x 1 lb (OP-917-HD). Legal for Trade: NTEP Approved CC# 10-081.
WeightSale Price
30"x 24"x 1.5"
PT-REC-10001000 lb x 0.2 lb140$730.00
PT-REC-20002000 lb x 0.5 lb140$765.00
27"x 27"x 1.5"
PT-SQ-10001000 lb x 0.2 lb140$730.00
PT-SQ-20002000 lb x 0.5 lb140$765.00
52"x 48"x 1.5"
HD-50005000 lb x 1 lb325$995.00
Stainless Steel 28"x 28"x 1.5"
SS-PT-SQ-10001000 lb x 0.2 lb140$1,995.00
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