Adam CPWplus Models L, M & W
Adam CPWplus Models L, M & W
The Adam Equipment CPW-plus models are multi-purpose industrial scales created for easy use. Featuring different options for units of measurement, portability, and an easy to read backlit indicator, the CPW-plus scales are durable and dependable for your every weighing need. Hold function, Full range tare, Zero Tracking, Large backlit LCD display, sealed keypad, Four load cell construction, Wall mount bracket, Large stainless steel platform, Modern low profile design, Splash proof to protect from accidental spills, Simple 4 button operation, Non-slip adjustable leveling feet, RS-232 bi-directional interface, Rechargeable battery, Auto sleep / power down function to save battery life, Low battery indication, AC Adapter.
WeightSale Price
19.7" x 19.7"
CPWplus 35M75 lb x 0.02 lb30$350.00
CPWplus 75M165 lb x 0.05 lb30$360.00
CPWplus 150M330 lb x 0.1 lb30$370.00
CPWplus 200M440 lb x 0.1 lb30$380.00
CPWplus 35W75 lb x 0.02 lb30$425.00
CPWplus 75W165 lb x 0.05 lb30$435.00
CPWplus 150W330 lb x 0.1 lb30$445.00
CPWplus 200W440 lb x 0.1 lb30$455.00
35.4" x 23.6"
CPWplus 35L75 lb x 0.02 lb40$525.00
CPWplus 75L165 lb x 0.05 lb40$535.00
CPWplus 150L330 lb x 0.1 lb40$545.00
CPWplus 200L440 lb x 0.1 lb40$555.00
CPWplus 300L660 lb x 0.2 lb40$575.00
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