AND, Price Computing Scale Model SF
AND, Price Computing Scale Model SF
The SF Series price computing scales provide memory for up to 30 items and an easy to read tower display. Tower type, dual display price computing scale. Splashproof keyboard & display. Fast, accurate, legal for trade. Large wide angle display for Weight, Unit Price and Total Price. Liquid Crystal LCD display for B model. Three displays are on the operators side of the scales well as three displays on the customers side. Keypad 0-9 for entering prices. Function keys for ZERO, TARE, M+, X, MEM, *, MODE, CE and CHANGE. Memory for 30 items. Optional stainless steel pan. 11.8" x 11" pan. Overall size 11.8"W x 16.7"D x 18.1"H. Optional RS-232C interface for printer and PC connection.
WeightSale Price
SF-6KA15lb x 0.005lb13$495.00
SF-15KA30 x 0.01lb13$495.00
SF-30KA60lb x 0.02lb13$495.00
SF-6KB15lb x 0.005lb13$455.00
SF-15KB30lb x 0.01lb13$455.00
SF-30KB60lb x 0.02lb13$455.00
SF-6KC15lb x 0.005lb13$495.00
SF-15KC30 lb x 0.01lb13$495.00
SF-30KC60lb x 0.02lb13$495.00
SF-03 RS232 interface for SF1$99.70
SF-09 Rechargeable battery pack for SF-KC only6$193.00
SF-10 Stainless steel weigh pan for SF4$29.10
TB:163 AC adapter 120VAC2$59.60
TB:164 AC adapter 230VAC2$70.00
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