AND Scale HCi
AND Scale HCi
Simple and easy operation with high performance counting function. Keys are: ON OFF, ZERO, KEYBOARD TARE, TARE, ID, KEYBOARD, SAMPLE, STORE UNIT WEIGHT, ENTER, PRINT, TOTAL, M+, *, RESET, 0-9, C. 7 segment LCD. Navigation system with LED for easy and simple operation. Up to 99 unit weights ID memory function. Auto power OFF function. Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement (ACAI). Audible Weighing Assist (AWA) beeping function. Detachable display unit. Comparator function with “HI”, “OK”, “LO” display. Accumulation function. Universal Flex Coms function. Full digital calibration function. 120 VAC AC adapter. Platform size 11.8” x 8.3”. Overall size 12.4”W x 13”D x 5”H.
WeightSale Price
HC-3KA6 x 0.001lb11$560.00
HC-3Ki6 x 0.001lb11$649.00
HC-6Ki15 x 0.002lb11$649.00
HC-15Ki30 x 0.005lb11$649.00
HC-12KA30 x 0.005lb11$560.00
HC-30Ki60 x 0.01lb11$649.00
HC-03i RS232C1$69.00
HC-04i RS232C Relay output1$89.00
HC-06i Rechargeable Battery Pack1$39.00
HC-08i Extension cable1$49.00
AD-8951 Comparator light1$625.00
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