Adam Scale Model CPWplus & P
Adam Scale Model CPWplus & P
Rugged construction. The CPWplus series offers an extensive range of models and configurations to accommodate a variety of applications. Desktop or wall mountable indicator. 1" backlit LCD display. Color coded buttons with positive cick feel, and simple, quick operation. Keys are: On/OFF, PRINT/HOLD, UNIT, TARE/ZERO. Weighing units are: lb, kg, oz, lb/oz. Bi-directional RS232 interface allows connection to printers of computers. Using standard commands users can request gross, net and tare weights be sent automatically. Optional Adam data collection software collects scale data and can produce charts and statistics, or export raw data to Microsoft EXCEL or Word for further analysis. Alkaline battery or AC operation. (6) AA batteries not incl.
WeightSale Price
11.8" x 11.8" Platform
CPWplus 613 lb x 0.005 lb20$195.00
CPWplus 1533 lb x 0.01 lb20$195.00
CPWplus 3575 lb x 0.02 lb20$195.00
CPWplus 75165 lb x 0.05 lb20$195.00
CPWplus 150330 lb x 0.1 lb20$205.00
CPWplus 200440 lb x 0.1 lb20$215.00
CPWplus 6P13 lb x 0.005 lb20$280.00
CPWplus 15P33 lb x 0.01 lb20$280.00
CPWplus 35P75 lb x 0.02 lb20$280.00
CPWplus 75P165 lb x 0.05 lb20$280.00
CPWplus 150P330 lb x 0.1 lb20$290.00
CPWplus 200P440 lb x 0.1 lb20$300.00
7954 Hard carrying case (CPWplus basic models only)5$85.00
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