Optima, Washdown Scales
Optima, Washdown Scales
Washdown IP67 (OP-W-S), stainless steel body and aluminum reinforced internal structure. Splashproof IP65 (OP-W-P) ABS plastic body with stainless steel pan. Ideal for harsh environments, food processing, meat/fish markets, and outdoor use. Stylish look, dustproof, compact size with a rugged hard-to-die construction. Perfect for a fashionable, first-class restaurant or a coffee shop. LCD display with backlight and high brightness. 200 unit weighing memories for piece counting. 20 definable tare memories. Auto power off/tare/hold mode/backlight activation/sound activation. Weighing units: lb, oz, kg, g. Capacity: 6kg x 0.5g; 15kg x 1g; 30kg x 2g.
WeightSale Price
Splashdown IP65, Pen Size 10"x 7.8". SS + Plastic
OP-W-66.000g x 0.5g14$250.00
OP-W-1515.000 x 1g14$250.00
OP-W-3030.000g x 2g14$250.00
Washdown IP67
OP-WS-66.000g x 0.5g15$375.00
OP-WS-1515.000 x 1g15$375.00
OP-WS-3030.000g x 2g15$375.00
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