Harvard Trip Ohaus Balances
Harvard Trip Ohaus Balances
The Ohaus Harvard Trip Balance (1450-SD) offers a two-pan design based on the classic Roberval balance principle. Ohaus Harvard Trip balances feature the additional advantages of magnetic damping, beams with sliding weights and a variety of weighing platforms. Commonly used for comparative weighing to determine the difference in mass between two objects, rather than their absolute value, these balances come equipped with built-in sliding masses. Harvard Trip balances are known for their accuracy and durability - constructed and precision-engineered for years of maintenance-free laboratory use. Features: Highly versatile and rugged, Two-pan design ideal for comparative weighing, Built-in sliding masses.
WeightSale Price
Single Beam SS Plate
1450-SD2,000g X 0.1g7$265.00
Double Beam SS Plate
1550-SD2,000g x 0.1g8$285.00
Double Beam SS Plate With Tare
1560-SD2,000g x 0.1g10$290.00
107-00 Polypropylene Scoop 12"x6"x2-3/4" footed w/counterweight2$35.80
170-00 Analytical scoop 1.25" x 2" (3.8 x 5.1cm) w/counterweight1$19.80
171-00 Analytical scoop 2.25" x 3" (5.7 x 7.6cm) w/counterweight1$21.20
Scoop is used on 1 pan and counterweight on the other.
106-00 Vinyl dust cover for Harvard Trip balance1$21.20
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