Intercomp CS3000 Scale
Intercomp CS3000 Scale
Intercomp’s advanced design makes this remarkable crane scale the first choice over other electronic units. Capacity ranging from 500 to 100,000 lbs / 250 to 50,000kg. Other higher capacities are available. Keypad setup and digital calibration enhance ease of operation. Wireless remote control option allows the user to control the unit from a distance. All electronics are shock mounted in a weatherproof cast aluminum case. High visibility 1 inch/ 25mm LCD digital readout, Power is supplied by 8 "D" cell batteries. Efficient micro-controller gives up to 400 hours of battery life. All units carry a full one-year parts and labor warranty. Overall size 9"W x 15"D x 17"H. NTEP 97-135, III 500 to 2,000lb, IIIL 5,000 to 70,000lb. Note: Not NTEP.
WeightSale Price
CS3000-500500 x 0.2lb48$3,895.00
CS3000-2K2,000 x 1lb50$3,895.00
CS3000-5K5,000 x 1lb73$3,895.00
CS3000-10K10,000 x 2lb73$4,195.00
CS3000-20K20,000 x 5lb97$5,495.00
CS3000-30K30,000 x 10lb122$6,195.00
CS3000-50K50,000 x 10lb220$9,395.00
CS3000-70K70,000 x 20lb248$11,295.00
CS3000-100K*100,000 x 20lb392$16,995.00
100725 LED Display, factory installed only1$249.00
100861 RS232 Serial output1$195.00
8 pack D cell batteries3$26.00
8 pack D cell rechargeable NiMH batteries3$197.00
CHG-6P battery charger for 4 D cells5$60.00
Service Parts
360105 Remote Control1$54.00
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