Rice Lake, BenchMark™ Mild Steel Series
Rice Lake, BenchMark™ Mild Steel Series
The Mild Steel Series is perfectly suited for industrial weighing in dry non-hostile work environments. This NTEP certified scale is engineered to easily tolerate shock loads and maintain accuracy. The Mild Steel Series features an aluminum environmentally sealed load cell, and is available in a broad range of sizes and capacities.
WeightSale Price
Benchmark NTEP III Steel Painted SST Cover
BM1212-30 12x12x3-5/830 lb20$680.00
BM1212-50 12x12x3-5/850 lb20$680.00
BM1212-100 12x12x3-5/8100 lb20$680.00
BM1218-50 12x18x3-5/850 lb40$760.00
BM1218-100 12x18x3-5/8100 lb40$760.00
BM1818-50 18x18x5-1/450 lb70$890.00
BM1818-100 18x18x5-1/4100 lb70$890.00
BM1818-150 18x18x5-1/4150 lb70$890.00
BM1818-200 18x18x5-1/4200 lb70$890.00
BM1818-250 18x18x5-1/4250 lb70$890.00
BM1818-300 18x18x5-1/4300 lb70$890.00
BM1818-500 18x18x5-1/4500 lb70$890.00
BM1818-1K 18x18x5-1/41000 lb70$990.00
BM1824-50 18x24x5-1/450 lb80$990.00
BM1824-100 18x24-5-1/4100 lb80$990.00
BM1824-150 18x24x5-1/4150 lb80$990.00
BM1824-200 18x24x5-1/4200 lb80$990.00
BM1824-250 18x24x5-1/4250 lb80$990.00
BM1824-300 18x24x5-1/4300 lb80$990.00
BM1824-500 18x24-5-1/4500 lb80$990.00
BM1824-1K 18x24x5-1/41000 lb80$1,090.00
BM2424-100 24x24x5-1/4100 lb80$1,090.00
BM2424-150 24x24x5-1/4150 lb85$1,090.00
BM2424-200 24x24x5-1/4200 lb85$1,090.00
BM2424-250 24x24x5-1/4250 lb85$1,090.00
BM2424-300 24x24x5-1/4300 lb85$1,090.00
BM2424-500 24x24x5-1/4500 lb85$1,190.00
BM2424-1K 24x24x5-1/41000 lb85$1,190.00
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