Totalcomp Painted Mild Steel Base Model TBT, from 16
Totalcomp Painted Mild Steel Base Model TBT, from 16" & up

Painted mild steel base and heavy gauge stainless steel pan. Aluminum load cells. Integral overload protection is provided for both static and dynamic overloads. Adjustable rubber feet. Bubble level. 2 mv/v, 0.02% total error, 405/350 ohms, 9 ft 6 conductor cable.
WeightSale Price
16" x 16" x 4.75"H w/aluminum load cell
TBT-1616-50-CS50 lb30$190.00
TBT-1616-100-CS100 lb30$190.00
TBT-1616-200-CS200 lb30$190.00
TBT-1616-400-CS300 lb30$190.00
24" x 24" x 5.5"H w/nickel plated steel load
TBT-2424-100-CS100 lb82$359.00
TBT-2424-200-CS200 lb82$359.00
TBT-2424-250-CS250 lb82$359.00
TBT-2424-500-CS500 lb82$359.00
TBT-2424-1000-CS1000 lb82$359.00
TBT-1616, SS pole and bracket 23" high4$48.00
TBT-2424, SS pole and bracket 26" high4$52.00
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