Ohaus Defender,  High Quality Base for Industrial Weighing
Ohaus Defender, High Quality Base for Industrial Weighing

High Quality Base for Industrial Weighing - stainless steel platform & black polyurethane painted steel form-and-weld frame provides ample support for industrial weighing applications.
Marked by durability, rigidity and structural integrity, Defender B, H, Series bases are constructed to perform highly in industrial environments.
Defender Series bases are high resolution of up to 15,000d. and can meet the needs of industrial weighing applications that require extreme accuracy.
NEMA 4X/IP67 aluminum load cell, Stainless steel weighing platform.
WeightSale Price
12" x 14" Platform
D15BR15kg x 2.0g, 30lb x 0.005lb25$550.00
D30BR30kg x 5.0g, 60lb x 0.01lb30$550.00
D60BR60kg x 10.0g, 150lb x 0.02lb30$550.00
D15HR15kg x 1.0g, 30lb x 0.002lb25$675.00
D30HR30kg x 2.0g, 60lb x 0.005lb30$675.00
D60HR60kg x 5.0g, 150lb x 0.01lb30$675.00
15.7" x 19.7" Platform
D60HL60kg x 5.0g, 150lb x 0.01lb50$675.00
D100HL100kg x 10.0g, 250lb x 0.02lb50$850.00
16.5" x 21.6" Platform
D60BL60kg x 10.0g, 150lb x 0.02lb45$550.00
D150BL150kg x 20.0g, 300lb x 0.05lb50$550.00
D150HX150kg x 10.0g, 300lb x 0.02lb60$995.00
19.7" x 25.6" Platform
D150BX150kg x 20.0g, 300lb x 0.05lb70$550.00
D300BX300kg x 50.0g, 600lb x 0.1lb70$550.00
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