Sartorius Moisture MA
Sartorius Moisture MA
The Sartorius MA 100 features the highest possible measuring accuracy that a thermogravimetric moisture analyzer can currently offer. Ideal for quality control and research and development. 350mmW x 453mmD x 156mmH. Features: Measurement of the moisture content from 0.05 % to 100 %. Weighing capacity of 100 g with 0.1-mg weight resolution; optionally available in a version verified for legal metrology. Fast heating of a sample by choice of ceramic heating element, a halogen lamp or a CQR-coiled quartz radiator, all of which are infrared heaters. Fast and easy control of the accuracy through DIN/ISO-compliant self-testing and self-calibrating capabilities thanks to the built-in calibration weight.
WeightSale Price
MA35M-000115V135g x 0.001g11$2,780.00
MA150C-000115V1150g x 0.001g13$3,920.00
MA100C-000115V1100g x 0.0001g17$6,800.00
YDP01MA Factory installed built in printer for MA50 & MA1005$610.00
YDPO3-OCE Data printer with statistics & time/date5$905.00
Service Parts
Roll paper (5 pack) for YDP03-OCE Data printer2$32.80
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